Tom – Cambridge/Somerville Pet Concierge

About This Project


Tom has always been a dog lover, ever since he went to his first dog show, in diapers. He ran up to a big basset hound, burying his hands and face deep into drooping jowls and a friendly lapping tongue. His face was so deep in the dogs slobbery folds that if it weren’t for his laughter, his parents would have thought the dog was eating his face. These days, Tom still loves dogs, but he doesn’t let them lick his face as often.

Outside of the canine world, Tom is an avid rock climber, occasional kayaker, and regular hiker. He is a licensed massage therapist here in Massachusetts and will give the dogs mini-massages if they seem stressed out. He loves animals of all kinds, and is at home in the woods. Camping, hiking, or meditating. An artist and music lover, Tom believes that everything we do ripples outwards, so he tries to create good waves.


20 November