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JC – Pet Concierge

Born and raised in Boston, I grew up with dogs as members of my family. The first dog I had as a child was the Japanese Akita inu named Rex, he was beautiful, loved and loyal. Dogs were always a part of my life as long as I can remember. Along the years and I have had a wide range of dogs, two America Standffordshire Terriors Buda and Franky ( aka one of the breeds classified under the nickname Pit Bull ) , Baby a Jack Russell Terrior, Sniffs a Shih tzu , Blackie a Black Lab and a Dalmatian mix named Poochini. However my Grandma held the title, at one time she had a Lab , two Border Collie’s, Chihuahua, Boston Terrier mix and a German Shepard as her permanent companions. My Grandmother also had foster dogs that she rescued off the street because she could not stand to see a dog mistreated or without shelter and she would always find them loving homes which earned her the nickname Dog Lady. My Grandmother passed those values on to every family member so my friends joke around and call me the dog whisperer because I’m the same way, its just how I grew up. Currently I have two dogs which I raised since puppy hood, a Blue Nose American Standfirdshire Terrior ( Roxy ) and a Chihuahua-Jack Russel mix ( Wilson ) who is the son of my dog Jaxson who passed away. I have a special place for dogs in my heart and truly believe they are man’s best friend.


20 November