It is our mission at MonumenTails to be the best Pet Care service available

Welcome to MonumenTails!

It is our mission at MonumenTails to be the best Pet Care service available. It is of utmost importance that we adhere to the guidelines and processes we have set in place that in order to ensure we retain the stellar reputation we have earned since 2004.

At MonumenTails we hold our walkers to the Highest Possible Standard to maintain the first class service that is unparalleled within the industry.  We take great pride in the services that we provide to you and your pet.Thank you for trusting your pet with us.


Elizabeth D’Oliveira


Daily Group Dog Walks-(Monday-Friday 10am -3pm)

During our group walk, your dog will enjoy a walk around historic Charlestown with the company of his or her doggie pals. Group walks are beneficial when building your dog’s social skills and fulfill their desire to be pack animals, making for a happier pooch! We keep all of our walks to a maximum of FIVE(5) dogs per group in order to provide plenty of individual attention to each of our dogs with the following standards set forth by MonumenTails:

  • New clients will be on a probationary/evaluation period for the first 30 days.
  • Dogs must demonstrate social aptitude with others in the pack.
  • Dogs will be matched by temperament or size and will be adjusted as needed.
  • There is a 2 hour window allowance for walks (ie. If walk is scheduled for 12pm walk, dog will be walked between 11am and 1pm).
  • Dog will not have demonstrated aggressive or threatening behavior towards other dogs prior to joining our pack. If we determine the dog exhibits aggressive behavior during our evaluation period (30 days),we would be happy to suggest other arrangements for your dog to be walked.
  • Evening Walks are conducted between 4-6pm for 20 mins only unless other arrangements are made. Walks must be requested by 1pm day of service.
  • Weekend walks are based on availability and requested by Friday prior.
    Client will make every effort to provide working keys to unit for entry .
  • Same Day morning walks will be requested by 9am and walks are not guaranteed
    If you are not receiving Petcheck alerts via text or email, please log into your Pet Check account to check.
  • Boarding Arrangements will be made with your designated walker directly with instructions and payment method.
  • Please notify MonumenTails if your dog is sick or is exhibiting out of normal behavior so walkers are aware.
  • When requesting same day walks in Petcheck, please call Elizabeth to confirm that walk has been accepted in the system and walker is available.


All cancellation of services must be requested in Petcheck 24 hours prior to scheduled walks, NO EXCEPTIONS!  All scheduled walks will be performed within a 2 hour time window of the time requested. If walks are not cancelled and walkers show up, you will be charged your normal walk rate.


Dedicated Walkerand Duties:

Client will be assigned one of our qualified dog walkers based on your geography. In the event of emergency and the assigned walker cannot conduct walks on their daily route, we will provide you with a secondary walker to avoid any disruption in service.  You will be notified via email on said changes.

Please have the following items ready for your dog walker on the day of your walk: dog leash (no retractable leashes), QR code in sight, treats, cleaning supplies, potty bags, a sweater/jacket for your dog on cold weather days, and a towel to dry them off with in the event of rain or snow. If QR code is lost or damaged, replacement QR codes are offered at a fee of $5.00.

Walking Service includes clean up service of any accidents your dog may leave,just let us know where the cleaning supplies are located, and we will do the rest.Feedings and administering medication are also included with service if requested.   Please provide instructions for this care and we will be happy to help!


All of our walks are Petcheck Verified. Upon beginning service, you will be instructed on how to log into and use Petcheck Technology. When logging in for the first time, please complete the information regarding your pet,  including veterinary information, notes pertaining to your dog, and your billing information. Once in the Petcheck system, expect daily email reporting on the time your dog has been picked up and dropped off as well as a personal note from your dog walker on what your dog did on his/her walk.  Walks can also be scheduled through the Petcheck System, as well as paying your weekly invoice.